California Divorce Papers in PDF Format

Wife is holding California divorce forms
Last Updated on April 2024

Getting a divorce is a hard decision not only emotionally but also practically. In order to end their marriage, a couple has to go through many steps before even going to court. One of those important stages is finding and completing divorce paperwork.

If you and your spouse don’t want to get involved in lengthy court battles or get charged thousands of dollars by lawyers, you can always choose the uncontested option. However, it means that you will have to find and fill out the California uncontested divorce forms without a legal assistant.

Note that the Judicial Branch of California handles all marriage dissolution cases. Looking for forms, you may visit the official website of the Supreme court, where more than 60 forms can be found and downloaded. You are welcome to review and download some of the forms below as well.

Forms for Filing a Divorce in California

The following forms are needed to initiate a divorce case. They include essential information about your marriage and should be filed with the Supreme court of the county of your residence. You will also need to pay $435 as a filing fee unless you are eligible to request a fee waiver.


Forms for Responding to a Divorce in California

The service process and providing a response to the petition are the essential steps of a divorce. The second spouse is served with the paperwork that is delivered by any person over 18 who is not the petitioner. The defendant then has to file a response and other forms:

Forms for Completing a Divorce Financial Disclosure

Financial disclosure is a process where spouses inform each other about their financial situation. The forms that they exchange cover information about expenses, tax returns, earnings, and debts of each spouse. The court is highly unlikely to request that you file these forms, but you will have to file the proof that disclosure occurred.