California Marital Settlement Agreement Sample

Spouse is signing marital settlement agreement
Last Updated on April 2024

As in many other states, California couples can get a divorce without hiring a lawyer and getting involved in long and tiring court battles. An uncontested divorce is a cheap and fast option for spouses willing to cooperate and resolve any possible disputes. All the aspects of the marriage dissolution should be recorded in the divorce agreement in California.

This document is especially important when spouses have children, property, or debts or want to arrange alimony payments. All these matters need to be discussed not only verbally but also confirmed in written form in order to avoid future problems or misunderstandings. Basically, this is a kind of contract you and your spouse create to lay down the terms of your divorce and stick to them after the case is finalized. After the divorce is granted, one of the spouses may request alterations if certain circumstances change.

You can review the Marital Settlement Agreement California in pdf below:

Feel free to download this mutual divorce agreement in pdf to see what issues you may want to discuss with your spouse:

 As this is only a marital settlement agreement template for California divorce, it may include more or fewer details depending on your individual case. The aspects that are usually included are:

  • Your and your spouse’s personal information.
  • Date and location of your marriage.
  • Date of separation and grounds for divorce.
  • Names and dates of birth of your minor children.
  • Child custody and visitation arrangements.
  • Child support payment sums and conditions.
  • Property and asset information and division.
  • Alimony payment sums and conditions.
  • Insurancecoverage for children.
  • Debts division (if any).
  • Any additional agreed-upon payments or obligations.

The form must be filled out with all the information regarding your agreements with your spouse and filed with the court along with other forms. This form only would not be enough for a judge to grant you divorce, and there is a specific legal process that you have to follow. The agreement then has to be incorporated into your final judgment.